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Here is information about the school’s policies, letters, relevant documents from the County and from the Assembly, handbooks etc.

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We are pleased to announce that the Additional Learning Needs and Inclusion Department has now developed a website for parents and families.

Gwynedd and Anglesey ALN and Inclusion website link - click here

The Pupil Deprivation Grant (PDG) is used for whole-school initiatives that will particularly benefit learners who have free school meals and 'looked after children'. Its aim is help schools overcome the additional barriers that learners from disadvantaged backgrounds face and that prevent them from reaching the same level as their peers regardless of their ability.


The school's PDG spending plan 2018-2019 (Welsh only available) - click here

The school's PDG spending plan 2016-2017 (Welsh only available) - click here

Datganiad Ar Faterion Cyllidol 2015-2016 (Welsh only available) - click here

The school's PDG spending plan 2014-2015- click here


We're green!!

Every school in Wales has been placed in a band, based upon the results and attendance over the last three years. We're extremely pleased to say that Ysgol Pen-y-bryn is one of the 10 schools in Gwynedd who are in the green band, which is acknowledged as 'Excellent'.

Congratulations also, to Ysgol Abercaseg and Ysgol Dyffryn Ogwen, who are also in the green band.

This means that 33% of the Gwynedd's 'green schools' are in Bethesda. Amazing!

We'd like to thank all the staff for their dedication, to the governors and parents for their support and of course, to the children for their hard work and enthusiasm!

More information

Here are the end of Key Stage 2 results for 2015:

School comparative information: National Curriculum Assessments 2015
Key Stage 2 - click here to download as a pdf.

School Comparative/Validation 2015 (KS2 - Pupils) - click here to download as a pdf.







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