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Here's the School Effectiveness Group (Plant Pesda) 2017 - 2018

Efficiency Group

Here are the new members of Plant Pesda. We've already started our work and already the ideas are flowing!!

Dyma Plant Pesda yn addysgu dosbarthiadau sut i ddefnyddio'r 'Chromebooks' newydd! (Welsh only available)

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Plant Pesda

Here is the School’s Effectiveness Group. The group was established in 2009 in order to fulfil the requirements of the School Effectiveness Framework (SEF). Plant Pesda look at what happens within the classroom, that is, the teaching and learning. Here are a few of the things they’ve done so far:

  • select the most suitable and useful thinking skills resources;
  • teach each class using some of these thinking skills activities as a way of developing the confidence of the children and staff in using them;
  • create wall displays of the thinking skills activities;
  • teach every class about Indonesia and Financial Education;
  • monitor the reading sessions of each class and write a report on their findings;
  • create reading resources as preparation for the new national reading tests;
  • teach some foundation subject’s work as a means of developing numeracy skills; and
  • create numeracy resources as preparation for the new national numeracy and reasoning tests

Here are photos of Plant Pesda doing some Mental Maths exercises.

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Here are Plant Pesda teaching Year 2 in Ysgol Abercaseg in order to prepared em for their time here in Ysgol Pen-y-bryn. The children were given a matching cards to get to know the staff - they had to match a picture with a name and their job within the school. Then they completed a Venn Diagram to show the similarities and differeneces between the two school. To show their understanding of the lesson they completed a Snowball activity. The children of Abercaseg thoroughly and Mrs Jones said Plant Pesda were excellent!

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The Group went to Ysgol Abercaseg to teach the year 2 children as a way of preparing them for their visit during transfer day. The lesson was a great success with the children responding very well and we're even more exciting about visiting Ysgol Pen-y-bryn.

Plant Pesda

Here is a picture of Plant Pesda teaching Glyder. During January and February the group taught every class. The purpose of the lessons was to develop numeracy skills through foundation subjects. The Elidir and Glyder history lessons were a success as the compared data about businesses in Bethesda in 1883 and compared with that of today. Tryfan’s Religious Education lessons were interesting as they intertwined numeracy and the creation story. Carnedd children enjoyed work about 3D shapes and measuring when designing a lunchbox as part of their design and technology lessons.

Plant Pesda

Plant Pesda were extremely glad to receive a letter from Ysgol Corn Hir's School Effectiveness Group inviting them to visit their school. Before Christmas they came to see visit so that they could see the type of work we've been doing. We received a warm welcome and a chance to see what they've been doing in order to develop reading within the school. We also got good ideas about how to develop our noticeboard and how they develop numeracy across the school. We hope we continue to keep in contact so that we can share even more ideas in the future.

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