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Here's 2017 - 2018 Green Group

Grwp Gwyrdd

Here are the new members of the Green Group with previous members continuing as members in order to pass on their wisdom and knowledge!

The Green Group’s work is to make the school as environmentally-friendly as possible, through recycling, saving energy and saving water.

This year the Green Group’s main aim is to save energy. The group’s members have been busy giving presentations in services and creating leaflets and posters to teach everyone about the importance of saving energy and how to do so. They’ve also chosen energy mashals from each class to help them monitor whether or not light and electrical goods are being switched off when not being used. There is no wonder the school has had the Green School Scheme’s Gold Prize for 8 years!

Marshaliaid Grwp Gwyrdd


Here's the Green Group collecting rubbish with the Councillor Ann Williams as part of the Balchder Bro project. Click here to see more photos

Marshaliaid Grwp Gwyrdd

Green Group Marshals.



Ynni Ogwen – Here are pupils by the river with Councillor Sian Gwenllian and Gwyn Roberts, the contractor.



Thank you to a few members of the Green Group for recently taking part in a short film produced by Smart Energy UK about the Cyd-Ynni - Ynni Lleol project in Bethesda. As well as talking about some of the group's work, they also talked of their understanding of how to save energy and what is renewable energy. Well done.



The Group welcomed Meleri Davies and Mary Gillie from Ynni Ogwen Partnership to the school to explain more about the Ynni Ogwen and Ynni Lleol projects. It was interesting to learn more about this exciting project which is being undertaken locally. Mary brought some gadgets with her which enables us to monitor how much electricity we use. We look forward to taking these home over the next few weeks in order to learn more about our use of electricity.


In one of the Green Schools Group meetings, several of the members expressed their concerns at the level of rubbish seen around Bethesda. In order to gather more information the group put together a questionnaire for every pupil in the school to complete. The group has also been busy recently helping the Balchder Bro group with their efforts to collect litter around Bethesda. We had a very pleasant afternoon in Pant Dreiniog, and after only three quarters of an hour, we had managed to fill up to 20 black bin bags. Thank you to the Gwynedd Council Tidy Towns Officer and members of the Balchder Bro group for their willing co-operation and we look forward to the next session of hard work and fun!

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Here are a few members of the 'green group' planting some flowers to put at the front of our school as part of our promise as a group to better the land surrounding the school.

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Fe aeth y grwp gwyrdd lawr i Ysgol Abercaseg yn y Prynhawn i gyfarfod â Gethin a oedd wedi dod ar ran yr Ymddiriedolaeth Genedlaethol i blannu coed.

Roedd plant Abercaseg (Sgwod Syniadau) yn helpu i blannu coed yn yr ardd hefyd. Roedd o'n hwyl ac yn braf cael cyfarfod Gethin a chyd-weithio a phlant bach Ysgol Abercaseg! Mwy o luniau - cliciwch yma (English Coming Soon...)


September 18, 2014

These are the members of the 'Clwb Gwyrdd' discussing there duties and priorities as members, during a whole school assembly last week. They will be appointing 'water and electricity monitors' to work on reaching their target of saving energy in the school.


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