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Here's 2016 - 2017 School Council

School Council

Here are the new members of the School Council and they've already started work on the school's improvement plant. We look forward to your work!

This important group of children look at everything outside the classroom; from the corridors to the yard, from the canteen to the cloakrooms. Each year the members are chosen based upon a classroom-vote. Following this each member is appointed with a specific role e.g., chairperson, secretary and treasurer. Here are a few things the School Council have done so far:

  • teach each class how to eat healthily and how to make lunchboxes healthy;
  • re-organise the seating arrangements during lunch time;
  • implement the requirements of Gwynedd’s Language Charter;
  • devise ‘Dreigiau Doeth’ (Wise Dragons) which are children who encourage Welsh-speaking on the year;
  • create games for the yard which promote the Welsh language; and
  • teach these games to each class as well as the classroom assistants


30/11/18 (Welsh only available)

Dyma griw o ddisgyblion o'r Cyngor ysgol a Cyngor chwaraeon yn dysgu gemau buarth i weddill disgyblion yr ysgol er mwyn hybu'r defnydd o'r Gymraeg ar y iard ac yn ogystal er mwyn sicrhau ysgol sy'n ffit ac yn iach.

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17/01/18 (English coming soon)

Dyma'r Cyngor Ysgol yn gwneud cyflwyniad am bwysigrwydd presenoldeb! Click here to see more photos



Here is the School Council interpreting 2016 Language Charter questionnaires! As a result they will be setting targets for every pupil so we can see improvement again in 2017



The School Council have been busy working on a school priority of improving children's attendance at Ysgol Pen-y-bryn. They presented a lively and interesting presentation in each class in order to emphasize the outcome if you are absent! The School Council performed a rap in every class - everyone loved it, but more importantly remembered the important message in the words. Go to the School Council site so you can enjoy the rap! Click here for more pictures

The Lyrics to the Ace Attendance Rap - coming soon...


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