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30/11/18 (Welsh only available)

Dyma griw o ddisgyblion o'r Cyngor ysgol a Cyngor chwaraeon yn dysgu gemau buarth i weddill disgyblion yr ysgol er mwyn hybu'r defnydd o'r Gymraeg ar y iard ac yn ogystal er mwyn sicrhau ysgol sy'n ffit ac yn iach.

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Here are the individuals who took part in the Urdd Swimming Gala on the weekend! everyone enjoyed swimming competitively, well done!

Sports Council

Here are our Sports Council! They've already started their hard work with Mrs Hughes. We look forward to seeing how you will keep Ysgol Pen-y-bryn's children fit!

The Sports Council was established following a link between the school and schools in Indonesia, which was a program organised by the British Council during the London Olympics, 2012. The original purpose of the group was to co-work with Ysgol Dyffryn Ogwen and the schools in Indonesia to promote fitness, which was a campaign during the Olympics. The Sports Council continually think of exciting ways to get the children enthusiastic about fitness and will soon be conducting Dragon Sport sessions with Mrs Hughes after school.



Here are the Sports Council presenting the 'Gemau Buarth' booklet to the rest of the pupils at Penybryn. These games are intended to ensure that we play games through the medium of Welsh and that we also participate in physical activities on a daily basis. Click here for more pictures

children with Mari Davies


School Sports Bulletin - Issue 11 (Welsh only available) - click here

children with Mari Davies


Today, Mari Davies the young champion British sailor from Bethesda came to see us to talk about what inspired her to participate in the sport. Mari said that she had started sailing when she was a child, about 5 years old, her family had a boat that was kept on the shores of Llyn Tegid .
Everyone was amazed at what she has achieved and the hard work and effort she has put to get where she is today .
She also said that her Welsh medium education has been of great benefit to her in the world of sports as it has given her opportunities she would not have had otherwise!
Everyone thoroughly enjoyed themselves and hopefully have been inspired to try new things! Click here for more pictures




These are the individual athletes who represented the school in the Sportshall competition! It was a successful morning with some individuals grabbing the top spot in field competitions and the group winning the relay! Everyone enjoyed taking part! Click here for more pictures



This year year 5 pupils will take part in the new fitness scheme in Gwynedd. We have decided to take part in the scheme in order to raise awareness of the importance of fitness and staying healthy for all school pupils of Penybryn school . Lisa came to us today from the ' Active Young People' team to conduct a series of tests and exercises which tested the fitness of pupils in year 5. All children have a manual to keep track of what they are doing in terms of physical activity for a period of 6 weeks and then the officer will re- visit the school to test the pupils again. The sports council hopes that the results at the end of the 6 week provides data that can be used to promote fitness and activity among pupils at the school! Everyone wants to do as much as they can in this period!! Click here for more pictures



Here are some of the sport council members hosting a sporting skills club to pupils in Year 3 on Tuesday afternoon after school . The council will come together to plan and prepare a weekly sessions which focus on specific skills each week . Year 3 pupils enjoy the sessions and listen well to council members of the school council leading the session! Click here for more pictures


One pupil from year 4 will be representing Eryri in the Urdd swimming gala at Cardiff this weekend. Good luck!



Here are some members of the Sports Committee presenting the new stations in the circuit training routine. Click here for more pictures

jemma yn arwyddo

The Sports Council were given a very special and unique opportunity when they recently met Jenna Downing, a world-famous inline skater. Not only this, she gave them tips about skating and then they were allowed to have a go.

The children would like to thank Ysgol Dyffryn Ogwen for the invitation; they thoroughly enjoyed themselves!

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